Huawei provides a portfolio of cost-effective, efficient, and flexible cloud data center solutions. These powerful cloud solutions are built upon proven core technologies with an open architecture that integrates software products and high-performance hardware: 

  • Virtualization of computing, storage, and network resources
  • Cloud management software for unified resource operation, management, and maintenance
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities
  • Service continuity with disaster prevention and recovery  

Huawei leads the industry with its innovative cloud data center solutions by leveraging years of experience developing data center technologies. A cloud data center solution integrates: 

  • Distributed cloud data center (DC²) architecture
  • ManageOne data center management software
  • SDN capabilities to integrate with existing and future networks
  • Service continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Huawei provides a variety of installations, including a container data center solution, modular data center solution, or data center consolidation and migration solution. Each solution enables customers to build highly efficient, agile, and elastic cloud data centers, and increase productivity through innovative business models. 


Any cloud data center implementation must overcome several challenges. A solution must provide the highest performance for a variety of business services. Costs, security, reliability, scalability, efficiency of deployment, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) are all factors that must be taken into account when selecting a data center solution to handle business needs. 

Integration of various IT system components also becomes a concern for IT managers who need to lower Capital Expenses (CAPEX) yet optimize resource utilization. 

Huawei designs end-to-end solutions built upon years of Research and Development (R&D) experience that integrate servers, storage, network and security with Unified Communications (UC) systems, all designed to overcome various challenges while saving costs and simplifying deployment.


Huawei has extensive experience in delivering cloud data centers of all sizes in a variety of industries, from carrier-class telecommunications requiring the highest reliability of 99.999% to individual data centers. Solutions range from private, public, distributed, and hybrid-cloud data centers ─ all types provide customers with optimized architectures, servers, storage, networking, security devices, and software products for any business. 

Based upon a distributed cloud center architecture, the cloud data center solution provides: 

  • FusionSphere cloud Operating System
  • ManageOne data center management system
  • Cloud Fabric Software-Defined Networking
  • Continuous services with disaster prevention and recovery redundancies 

Achieve compatibility with existing networks with an SDN-based technology.  

Huawei’s service-oriented approach combines QoS-based resource management to ensure reliable services with easy integration for third-party applications to generate future growth.

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