We at NG have the ability to of offer our customers a number of innovative customized solutions ranging from minor parts modification, to total re-engineering and production. With our strong network of in-house engineers, external engineers, manufacturers and affiliation with universities, we have been able to support our customers by offering options to overcome their immediate engineering problems. These options include procurement, local sourcing, design, redesign, functional parts replacement, modifications and manufacturing.

Find out more on how NG has successfully managed to help customers apply customized solutions services to their real time challenges and constraints.   

•    Providing an award winning (2012) turnkey solution by designing, producing and installing a customized telemetry system for water and sewage authority of Lorestan province
•    Design and production of Specialized Rectifier for Kermanshah power plant
•    Design and production of electronic magnets, for Hydrogen compressors of Kermanshah refinery plant  
•    Design and production of telephone block for national railways
•    Design and production of power detectors for international telecoms vendor