IDS1000-A All-in-One Container Data Center

A highly-integrated, small-capacity container data center solution for small and medium enterprises, as well as special mobile scenarios. The IDS1000-A integrates all systems in a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container, including power supply and distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, fire extinguishing, surge protection, and monitoring. It features high reliability and security, fast deployment, easy relocation, energy savings and cost-effectiveness. It can significantly reduce customer TCO and improve ROI. The 20-foot (IDS1000-AS) and 40-foot (IDS1000-AM) are two standard products of the IDS1000-A.


Build your data center in just one week

             One-stop delivery shortens deployment time by 80%

             Green energy saves 30% of the TCO

             ŸHigh environmental adaptability ensures business continuity





L x W x H

12,192 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,896 mm

6,068 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,896 mm

IT Load

48 kW

24 kW

Cabinets Capacity

8 IT cabinets, 360U

4 IT cabinets, 180U

Power Input Format

380V/50 Hz, 380V/60 Hz, 480V/60 Hz

380V/50 Hz, 380V/60 Hz, 480V/60 Hz

Power Density

6 kW/rack

6 kW/rack

UPS Configuration

20 kVA, 3+1 redundancy

20 kVA, 2+1 redundancy

Battery Backup Time

7 to 10 minutes

10 minutes

Cooling Configuration

20 kW, 3+1 redundancy

20 kW, 2+1 redundancy




Fire Extinguishing System













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