We at NG have a deep knowledge and experience of the telecommunications technology with over 25 year experience in telecoms, Oil & Gas, Energy, National Rail and utilities industries. Our telecoms industry customers range from the national telecommunications company, GSM operators and vendors. It is our knowledge base combined with a strong financial and human capital which positions NG as a top ranking (through industry awarded accreditations) a leading national telecoms service provider.

Our modular service offerings include consultancy, procurement, design, planning, implementation and maintenance bringing value add for our customers to achieve industry wide milestones in part or in full as a turnkey project.

Transmission                                                                 GSM

 o   M/W & MUX                                                              o   Site Acquisition                                                 (SA)

 o   VSAT                                                                         o   Civil Works                                                        (CW)

 o   Leased Line                                                           o   Telecom Implementation                                (TI)

 o   Optical Fiber                                                           o   Drive Testing                                                     (DT)

 o   PDH                                                                         o   Radio Verification Testing                               (RVT)

 o   SDH                                                                         o   Network Planning & Optimization                 (NPO)

                                                                                                                                     o   Field Maintenance                                            (FM)


 Private & Public Exchanges