NG. Founded and registered in Iran as a PJS Company in 1989. NG has over 25 years of experience
at National level to deliver solution based products and industry demand services. Through our history, we pride ourselves in being a customer centric organization delivering our services and product solutions through our  human capital, partners and network of associates and consultants. Our resources have the technical know-how and expertise to add value to our vertical Industries knowledge base and building on the existing knowledge base. We continuously strive to offer premier services with stakeholder satisfaction through International Standards, training and strong affiliated R&D. Applying a flexible Win/Win business approach with all our National and International partners achieving a “Think Global, Act Local” policy. Having passed numerous financial, technical and commercial milestones in the past 25 years through sustainable strategic planning we were honored to be recognized as a leading KNOWLEDGE BASED company in Iran amongst 10 companies of which we were the only PJS company with the other 9 being government organizations.