About Us

Nirooye Gharb Co. was founded in the field of designing, procurement,installation and commissioning of communication systems and automation in1989.

In the past, 21 years,

This company has succeeded to accomplish many communication projects for most reputable organizations such as ministry of communication technology, ministry of power, ministry of oil and petroleum,ministry of transportation (railway com& signaling), ministry of water and waste water, ministry of science and technology, Nokia co. , Siemens co. ,Huawei co.,Alcatel co. and some other companies. For useful services to the customers , NG has more than 180 personnel including managers and expert staffs in Tehran, Kermanshah, Kurdestan , Ilam ,hamedan,ghom,markazi and Lorestan offices, that more than %85 of them have graduated from reputable universities both in Iran and foreign countries, and also have been trained by Nokia's , Huawei's, Seimens's, Alcatel's and RIC’s training centers. From opening till now, all activities are dominated by customer satisfaction as a main principle of NG Company. In order to gain employer’s satisfaction the company tries to improve the quality of services, supporting technological services and offer new services.

Since serving community and helping to develop the culture of using new communication instruments as country development indexes, continuously are taken into consideration of Nirooye Gharb managers and staff.